Wednesday, May 9, 2012


YAY! So my blogs been added to the AFS Study Abroad Blog page on their website! whoooo hooooo!(: I'm seriously so happy about that! My names under the Italy section on the right side, 3rd name down! Check it out hehe I'm so proud(:

Okay so in my last post, I was talking about how I was worried that I still hadn't gotten any information on my pre-departure orientation, well it turns out that we never got the e-mail with all the information about PDO! Yesterday night I posted on the Ask An AFSer Facebook page just asking if it was normal that I haven't recieved  any information whatsoever on my pre-departure orientation yet. A lady who just so happened to be in charge of the Greater Cleveland Area, saw my post & told me that my PDO is THIS SATURDAY! Uhh come again... I have a lacrosse game on Saturday! ): It turns out the people in charge of the PDO e-mailed the information to my interviewer who was supposed to forward it to me and parents but it got stuck in her junk mail or something? I don't know but the point is I didn't get the information until now! At school I was freaking out because the PDO is from 10 am to 3:30 pm and my lax game was at 1! Ahhh! What the heck was I supposed to do?! It's our last home game, I didn't want to miss it! Amazingly enough, today when I went to lax practice it was a miracle because my coaches said that the game on Saturday was canceled! Wow, talk about being lucky(: So my whole freak-out was all for nothing!

Hmm besides that there's not a whole lot of other news! Still haven't gotten my host family... ): But in the past few days it seems like ALOT of people have gotten their placements so hopefully that means I should be getting mine soon too! I just have to look on the bright side!(: Uhh that's definitely easier said than done.. haha

Weekly host family placement update: 200 students out of 470 have already been placed!
Cross your fingers for me that I'm one of the 200 that's already been placed & their sending me the e-mail as I type this (;

Okay well that's all! I'll post again after the pre-departure orientation to let you know how it goes(:
Ciao, Jacqueline(:


  1. Wow you're so lucky, you're one of the exchange students. I really want to study abroad and experience other culture. You're amazing gurl :).

  2. haha thanks! & you should really check out AFS if you want to become an exchange student, their programs are so good!