Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My birthday week!

This week was super busy and really fun because my sweet 16 was on Saturday so I tried filling up my entire week with fun stuff (:

LUNEDI: After school my little sister had tennis so I went with my host mom and we dropped her off then got some gelato with one of my host moms friends. Then as soon as we got home I went running to burn off the gelato.. hahaha

MARTEDÌ: After school I walked to Rivoli and met my friend Kaylin, the other girl from Ohio, and she brought one of her Italian friends from her school, her name was Laura. So Kaylin, Laura and I took the bus and subway into Torino. Once we got to Torino we did some shopping and got lunch at this cute little restaurant called Eski. You pick out what food you want and then have little microwaves for you to heat it up. When we were in Piazza San Carlo, the weirdest thing happened, this random guy started doing front flips and backflips while talking on the phone... It was sooo strange!! He just randomly popped out of nowhere and did backflips across the entire piazza, we couldn't stop laughing. Oh and we also got gelato from Grom which is probably my favorite gelato shop! 
Laura & Kaylin!
Kaylin and I looking so Italian with our leather jackets and cappuccinos  

MERCOLEDÌ: We had our Italian lesson on Wednesday this week, it was switched around and it didn't start until 5 pm so me and Sanni got lunch at my favorite restaurant Opificio in Rivoli then we went to Torino and did some shopping. Oh and of course, I got gelato (; After the lesson my host mom and little sister Nini picked me up and we met my host dad at his office and went out for dinner. It was so delicious, we went to this restaurant where they make one huge pizza that fills the entire table, it was amazing!
GROM <333 
On the subway.. haha we're such dorks
GIOVEDÌ: I had another Italian lesson on Thursday! It was so sweet, my friend Blue from Thailand gave me a birthday present from Lush! After the lesson I got gelato with Victoria, Olivia and Sanni! 

Such a good friend <3 Sweetest thing
I love the teeny tiny cars here! 
VENERDÌ: After school my Zia Elena (Aunt Elena) picked me up from school and we went out for lunch at Opificio, my favorite! Instead of pizza which is what I usually always get, I tried fried pizza dough with stracchino (this cream kind of like butter or cream cheese) and raw prosciutto. Oh my god it was delicious but I could feel myself getting fatter by the second with the fried food! After lunch we went shopping for a little and then I got my nails done!! My whole life I've had disgusting nails because I always bite them, so it has been my dream to get acryllics and I finally did! I was going to get a simple french manicure but I figured I'd go crazy for my sweet 16 so I got a super bright pink <3 After getting my nails done we went to a shopping mall called Le Gru and Elena got me pink lipstick to match my new nails and bronzer from this cool Italian make up store called Kiko oh and we also went to Zara for my first time, it's a Spanish store and holy crap it is amazing! I just want to buy everything in the store! haha Then we went into Torino to a Mexican restaurant for dinner! I've been missing my Chipotle so this was nice, it's the first time I had Mexican in like a month! It was really good too (: This was one of the funnest days in Italy so far I think! I'm so thankful to have such a fantastic host aunt (:

new makeup from Kiko!

My totally disgusting nails are finally beautiful (:

Mexican food in Italy! mmm
Love her! (:
SABATO: I had school..... but it's only from 8 to 12 so I can't complain tooo much. Plus 2 hours of it was gym outside. I met a few new girls from a different class and they were hilarious! The one girl said that she wished she was me because she wants to speak English with an American accent just like on Jersey Shore! It's so funny here everyone watches Jersey Shore and thinks it's like the coolest thing on the planet. After school I went to Torino again (5th time this week!!) for an AFS "Free Hugs" thing. It was beyond embarrassing... basically we wore bright yellow AFS Intercultura t-shirts and walked around holding up signs saying "Free Hugs" and ask people to hug us then we'd tell them about AFS and how they can be exchange students or host an exchange student. When I was told what we'd be doing, I thought oh cool I can just hug a bunch of cute Italian guys.. but nope that's not what happened at all.. Most people including cute Italian guys gave us weird looks and ran away, it was so humiliating!  Only old people wanted to hug us.. figures.. haha anyway once I got home I ate dinner with my family and then took a nap to prepare for the night (; My friends came over at around 9:30! It was the sweetest thing ever, I walked downstairs and everyone was like "Don't go in the kitchen!!" then my friends Olivia and Victoria brought out a bright hot pink birthday cake with mini sugar shoes on it! It was the nicest thing ever! Earlier in the week they were asking me what my favorite flavors of gelato were and what colors I like but I'm stupid and had no idea what they were up too.. the cake was chocolate Gianduja with fragola (strawberry) filling, it was delicious! They also gave me a postcard from Denmark, a friendship bracelet and delicious chocolates <3 It sounds really stupid but I think my heart melted, I'm just so happy and thankful to have such wonderful friends already, they truly made my birthday one that I'll never forget. They kept saying that they just want my sweet 16 to be as amazing as it would've been in the United States! Everyone sang "Tanti Auguri" to me, which is the Happy Birthday song in Italian. After eating the cake my host sister and her boyfriend drove us to the discoteca! We waited outside for a little for it to open, discos don't even start until about 11:30/12 it's crazy but I totally am in love with disco's, they're basically clubs but you can get in when you're 16 so it's pretty amazing.. honestly it felt like Jersey Shore hahaha I definitely want to go again!!! The night was perfect, I'll always remember my weet 16 in Italy going clubbing <333

Sanni love her (:
My gay best friend Bleue from Thailand (:
BEST birthday cake ever <33
With tiny shoes and everything <33
Federica <3 
My girls (:
Best friends (:

DOMENICA: Whoooo my birthday!!! (: hahaha I actually didn't really do much for my actual birthday :'( I slept until about noon cause I was so exhausted from the disco then we ate lunch and after I skyped my family for about 2 hours and then I took another nap... haha the disco really wore me out! Then I woke up and ate dinner and after took a shower and watched the new gossip girl episode with Federica! <3 Oh and at lunch, my host family gave me a birthday present, a bracelet from Milano fashion week and a new purse which I reallyyy needed! It was so thoughtful and nice (:

The bracelet from Milano Fashion Week!
New purse! (:
Well that's all for now, I only have 4 days of school this week and then I'm off to the AFS camp! I'm so excited to see all my friends and spend 4 days with them <333 Ciao ciao! xoxoxo


  1. Are you still doing this blog?

    1. Yes!! I'm sorry I've just been SO busy I haven't had time to post again yet but I will soon!

  2. u'll never guess whose boyfriend just wrote to google "sanni prosciutto" and found your blog. hahaha i miss you ;)