Sunday, November 4, 2012

A relaxed week!

Another fantastic week in la doce vita (the sweet life) hehe

Martedì 23rd & Mercoledì 24th: Okay so since it was a while ago I have no idea what I did these days, they must've been boring!

I already have 5 scarves and I've only lived here for one month.. I feel so Italian (: 

Giovedì 25th: I now have Italian lessons 3 times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday! Thursday is optional but I decided to go because my Italian sucks and I really need to learn! Plus on Thursday's our lesson starts at 5 so I have from 1, when school finishes, to hang out with Sanni and walk all around Torino! We got pizza from the tiny little kebab restaurant, I got pizza kebab so it's all the ingredients of a kebab on a pizza, it was delicious but I couldn't finish the whole thing! ): Then we walked all around the city and went to all the piazza's and buildings that we've never been to before! It was so fun! Every week we're going to try and go somewhere different, like a new museum or area of Torino!

Venerdì 26th: With AFS everyone has an "assistant" or "tutor" basically they're one person who is assigned to look after one exchange student and help them if they have any problems or anything like that. My tutor's name is Ada and she went to the Netherlands for one year! Anyway on Friday after my Italian lesson she invited me to her house for dinner with her family! She picked me up from my Italian lesson and then we went to her house and had tea and just talked about everything, exchanged stories and experiences. It was really nice. Then her family came home and we all ate a delicious meal together. Ada has a 16 year old sister and we got along really well, I had such a fun time and surprisingly was able to speak in almost only Italian! I'm so proud of how much I have improved since when I first got here. The first few weeks when someone spoke to me in Italian I would just stare at them like an idiot but now I am able to keep up with basic conversations! Anyway Ada drove me home  and my little sister Nini was having a sleepover with her friend Georgia so us 3 all hung out (: It was so fun it was the typical girly sleepover, we had a pillow fight looked at pictures on facebook, read magazines and gossiped. Even though I had school I ended up staying up with them until about 12.. hehe and we looked up Disney channel songs on youtube an sang them together. It was the cutest thing (:

Girls only sleepover! (;

Sabato 27th: Ughhhh I went to school :'( Then I came home we at lunch and then went to Nini's halloween horse-back riding party/competition! It was so cute all the kids dressed up in halloween costumes and decorated their horses. Nini got 3rd place!! whooo hooo! (: On Saturday night I went to an AFS party! It's kind of confusing to explain.. but there was a girl from Germany who came to Italy last year and this week she came back to Italy to visit her host family so she invited all of the exchange students over for dinner. It was really nice I spent most of the night talking with my friends Paula, Sanni and Blue. The German girl and her host family were so sweet. They did a power point presentation with pictures and videos from last year when she was here as an exchange student. She started crying because she misses Italy so much. It made me sad because I realized that I only have 8 more months here )': I don't want to go home yet, I can already tell that I'm going to miss everything and everyone so much! 

Nini and her friend with their ribbons! (: Brava!
All decorated for Halloween!
Sabato sera! (:

Domenica 28th: This weekend my friend Sergio and I really wanted to go to Milan to visit our friend Marine for her 17th birthday but sadly AFS wouldn't give us permission )': I guess we're still not allowed to have sleepovers. We were pretty upset but instead Sergio and I decided to meet up in Torino and go to Salone del Gusto which I guess is the biggest food festival in the world.. It was amazing! It was held inside a huge exhibition center and there was an area for each region of Italy and the food they specialize in. There was also an international section. We ran to the American stand and talked in English with the lady! haha I tried so many delicious different foods and drinks. Oh and I forgot to mention that Sergio brought his tutor Giulio! Giulio went to Australia for 2 months with AFS and it's insane because he went to Perth, the same city that I lived in for 2 years!! I was so excited when I found out, me and him ended up talking about Perth and Australia forever because we went to a lot of the same restaraunts and places! It made me miss Australia so much )': But the day was fantastic and Sergio, Giulio and I decided that we're the 3 musketeers and we're going to always travel together. Giulio wants to show us all around all the museums in Torino!

Sicilian pane!
Giulio and I in front of the Australian section!

I'm posting again very soon because I need to catch up with everything since this is actually from 2 weeks ago!! Ciao!

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