Friday, June 1, 2012

Departure Date and Travel Information!

So this morning I woke up, walked downstairs and my mom told me to check my e-mail. I thought I had gotten my host family finally! But instead I got all my travel information! Yay(: I have to be in New York City on September 5th for an orientation before we leave and then we actually depart on the 6th! We have a layover in Zurich, Switzerland! I've never been there before this is so exciting(: Also a lot of other kids from the USA going to Italy are in the same flight! I can't wait!(:


  1. Hey that's so cool your going to Italy! They actually let B-team students attend(: btw this Thomas from history. Good luck and have fun in Italy

  2. hahahaha aww thank you so much!! but hey I thought I was part of the A-team!? (:

    1. Umm idk...:) sure I guess:)