Sunday, June 24, 2012


OMG WHOOOO HOOOOO! YAYAYAYYYYY! (: I FINALLY GOT MY HOST FAMILY <3 So I was taking a nap the other day and when I woke up I had a friend request from a woman named Giovanna who lived in Turin, Italy. I automatically assumed that it was my host mom so I messaged her on Facebook and sure enough she messaged back and was my host mom! So I'll actually be living in a smaller city right outside of Turin (Torino in Italian) called Villarbasse, I couldn't find a lot of information about Villarbasse becaue it's so tiny, except for that it's by a river! But Torino is large city in the Northern region of Piedmont surrounded by the alps and it's only an hour away from Switzerland, France, Milan and the sea! It's such an amazing location, I couldn't be happier! (: I have a mom, Giovanna, a dad, Roberto and 2 sisters, Federica who's 19 and goes to college in Milan and Nini who's 12! The family looks so nice and funny, I can't wait to meet them! I've messaged my mom and dad and their English is amazing which is good because I barely know any Italian at all! Also my Aunt Elena messaged me and she's super nice too! (: She has 2 sons, so they would be my cousins, Alessandro who's 19 I think and Alberto who's the same age as me, 15! I also have the same birthday as Alberto which is so crazy but awesome! I've been messaging Alberto a lot on facebook and he's soooo nice! He also has fantastic English and I'm really hoping that we'll be going to the same school so I have a friend!


On the map

My host family! From left to right: My cousin Alessandro, my aunt Elena, my older sister Federica, my younger sister Nini, my mom Giovanna, my cousin Alberto and I think my uncle! My host dad, Roberto was taking the picture so he's not in it. Aunt Elena posted this on my wall and said they were on vacation in Greece when it was taken! (:

YAYAYYY! (: I love my host family already and I can't wait to meet them!! 71 more days until I leave!

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