Wednesday, August 29, 2012


HOLY CRAP 1 MORE WEEK UNTIL I LEAVE! Ahhhhhhhh this is my last week in the United States.. It sounds so weird just saying that. I'll be eating something or shopping at a store and I'll think what if this is the last time I go here or eat this for 10 months.. Part of me is kind of sad that I'm leaving. I'll be talking to one of my best friends on the phone and we'll be talking about homecoming or something and then I realize I'm not going to be here... ): But for the most part, I'm just plain excited! It doesn't even feel real, I feel like I'm dreaming. I've been counting down since like January and now there's only 1 more week left! In one week from now I'll be driving to New York City with my friend Lani who's going to Spain with AFS! In 2 weeks from now I'll be starting school in Italy! (:

I got my Visa in the mail the other day! Whoo hoo! (: Me and my family went to Detroit to the Italian consulate a few weeks ago, the lady there was so nice. It only took a few minutes, me and my parents just had to sign something and then we left and they mailed us the Visa! Easy peasy(;

At the Italian Consulate in Detroit!

I thought I finished level 1 of Rosetta Stone a long time ago and I'm halfway through level 2.. but it turns out I never finished level 1. I started freaking out because I thought I had to do all these extra "Reading and Listening" lessons so I could finish level 1. Another girl, Sara, also going to Italy messaged me and helped me figure out that all I had to do was redo the last milestone and pass it. Thank goodness for her or I'd be stuck doing a bunch of extra work! (:

Finally finished Level 1 of Rosetta Stone! THANK GOODNESS.

I started packing up some of my stuff. Basically I just made a huge pile of nearly everything in my closet and am going to try to shove it all in my suitcase (; haha I'm going to try and finish all my packing tomorrow! Wish me luck! (: I have one enormous suitcase, a smaller suitcase that'll be my carry-on and my laptop bag. I wanted all pink luggage so bad but I couldn't find any so I decided to decorate them instead! Hopefully people don't think I'm insane with my crazy fuzzy pink decorations on my suitcases.

I can fit inside my suitcase! It's seriously huge, anyone wanna hide in here? (;

Ta da! My newly decorated luggage, I feel like Legally Blonde (:

The next about 2 weeks is going to be SO MUCH FUN! <3 Here's what my schedule looks like:
Tomorrow - Finish packing and going out for ice cream with my friends
Friday - Lunch with my aunt & cousin then my high school's first home football game and a sleepover with my best friends
Saturday - My going away party with all my friends and another sleepover with my best friends (:
Sunday - My 2nd going away party with all my family and another sleepover with some friends
Monday - Finish packing do any last minute things before leaving!
Tuesday - My friend Lani, who's going to Spain with AFS, (link to her blog) is sleeping over
Wednesday - 4 am get up and drive to NYC with Lani and my parents, get to NYC and get dropped off at the hotel for the orientation with all the AFSers from the USA. We spend the night in the hotel (:
Thursday - Leave on the first flight to Zurich
Friday - Arrive in Zurich, Switzerland with a about a 2 hour layover in the airport then leave on the 2nd flight to ROME! We arrive in Rome the same day at 2 pm then spend a night there
Saturday - Orientation in Rome with all the kids from all over the world coming to Italy and we get to tour the city and spend another night there
Sunday - Take a 7 hour train ride to Turin to meet my host family!
I can't waittttttttttttt (: It's probably going to be one of the funnest weeks of my life! I can't wait for my going away party and to meet all the other AFSers and meet my host family!

The hotel we're staying at in Rome!

Hotel in ROME (:
Arrivederci! Hopefully the next time I post, I'll be in ITALY! Yayayayyay(:

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