Thursday, March 7, 2013


6 months ago I left my home, family & friends in Brunswick, Ohio.
6 months ago I landed in Rome with over 400 other exchange students from around the world and 2 days later I began my new Italian life with my host family.

These moments feel like yesterday. I know I say this all the time but I can't believe how fast the times flying. Here's a piece of advice for future exchange students, never waste a moment because before you know it, it's going to be gone. Don't waste time being sad or homesick because you'll wake up one day like me and realize 6 months have already passed. Take advantage of every single second.

Lately, I've actually been having the same dream that I'm back home in Ohio. It's different each time, once I was back at school in Ohio but everyone was speaking Italian to me and I starting crying saying I wanted to go back to Italy. Then one time I dreamed that I was at my kitchen table in the U.S talking about my life in Italy with my mom and I was telling her how much I miss it. I always wake up from this dream freaking out thinking that I'm back in America but then I look around, realize I'm still in Italy and calm down. I'm going to make these next 4 months the best months of my life because honestly I'm really dreading the moment I have to return home :( If any of my family or friends back in Ohio are reading this don't be mad at me! I love & miss you guys so much and I'm really excited to see all of you in 4 months, it's just a really bittersweet!


Anyway, I'll fill you in on what's going on in my life! Let's see the last time I posted was about 3 weeks ago! Since then I've begun studying a lot more than before! The classes that will count as credits when I go back home are Algebra II, Chemistry and English. I've been focusing a lot on Math & Chem in the past couple of weeks because there's been a lot of tests and oral exams. I'm really proud to say that all the studying paid off! I got a 8/10 on my math oral exam, an 8.5/10 on my chem oral exam and a 9/10 on a written math test. My Italian friends were really surprised! I think they thought that since I can't speak Italian perfectly, I'm kind of dumb. hahhaa but it's fine, I love catching people off guard (; Anyway what else is new... one week of school in February we had these conferences where students from Univeristy and people would come and do presentations on certain subjects and there was also workshops. It was a pretty fun week cause we didn't do very much school work! Um one weekend I went to my host cousin's American football game! It was freezing outside but I sat next to my host aunt and we talked the whole time, it was really fun. She bought Magic Mike and said that we have to organize a night to watch it together and have a competition on who can eat more snickers in 2 minutes! hhahahaha (: Then I slept over my Italian friend Martina's house one weekend with my other friends Sara, Ilaria and Federica! Then this past weekend I went to a tamarra themed party! hahaha I'm going to try and translate tamarra because it doesn't show up in google translate. Basically it means like the gangster, ghetto teenagers in Italy. It's like all the kids that have the spiky hair, pierced ears, sneakers and just that tamarra style. If you came to Italy you'd understand! This weekend I'm not really sure what I'm doing yet! Probably going out with friends Saturday night and maybe going skiing Sunday! Also this week at school there's like nobody here cause a lot of classes are on school trips! There's classes in Prague and Dublin. I wish we had trips like this in America...

I like bragging about this too because in the month of April I'm only going to school for a total of 8 days! I'm kind of excited for March to go by because once it does my life is pretty much heaven! Here's my schedule: 

Easter Break: March 28th - April 2nd
3 days of school
AFS week exchange in a southern city, Brindisi in Puglia: April 6th - April 13th
3 days of school
Exchange week with school in Istanbul, Turkey: April 18th - April 24th
An Italian holiday called "Festa della Liberazione": April 25th - April 27th
2 days of school
Italian holiday: May 1st
36 more days of school
Last day of school: June 12th
25 days until I go home

I'm so excited for April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

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