Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Ciaoooo tutti! (: sorry I know it's been a long time since my last post but I've just been struggling lately I never know what to write because I feel like my life here is normal now & it's nothing exciting! Let's see whats new.. Tomorrow's the last day of school before le vacanze di Pasqua (easter break!) I'm really excited for that haha no more school <3 Last week 4 exchange students came to Torino for their exchange week, there was an American girl from Salerno, 2 girls from Sicily and another girl from Sardegna! It was a really fun week, I only had to go to school 3 days and we did a bunch of activities in Turin. I actually went to a lot of places in Turin that I've never even been too!

What else is new.. oh yeah last Monday I got my flight confirmation e-mail I'll be back in America on July 7th:

When I saw it my heart dropped, I've been saying forever, "Oh I have 8 more months here, 6 more months, I have plenty of time! But now there's less than 4 months left :( I still have a 1/3 of my time left here but it just doesn't seem like enough sometimes! 

Anyway since I don't really know what to write I'm just going to upload a bunch of pictures! (:

Got my hair cut with my friend Laura! (:

La festa della donna (International Women's Day)

March 8th was Women's Day, I've never heard of it or celebrated it before in America but here all the men are supposed to bring these yellow flowers to all the women! 

Aw all the boys in my class brought the mimosa flowers for us girls! (:

Exchange students! 

Michela our Italian teacher! (:

Last weekend I went to the Torino Automobile museum, it was pretty cool! Fiat was invented in Torino so there's a bunch of information on Fiat!

Party with italian friends!

Pictures from when the 4 exchange students came here for the settimana di scambio! (: 

My beautiful city Torino <3 

Okay well sorry this post was kind of boring but I didn't really know what to write! Byeee! (:

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