Sunday, September 16, 2012

Di più pizza per favore!!

Ciao! Okay so I decided I'm going to try and update my blog every Sunday night and I'll go through everything that happened during the week! (: sooo I already posted about the beginning of this week so I'll start where I left off!

THURSDAY: I went to school for my second day whooooo no offense to Italy but your schools kinda suck. I like all the italian kids they're super nice! I got invited to go out for pizza on Friday night! (: lol but the classes are soooo booring. The teachers switch classes so I don't even get to walk around the hallways and meet different people or switch classes. Plus the teachers literally walk in, talk for pretty much 50 minutes straight then leave. No worksheets, no notes, no activities just talking. Pluuss I can't even understand any of it! Maybe a few words here and there but not alot.. lol anyway afterschool my tutor or assistent Ada came over and we had coffee and talked! She's so nice and Italian coffee is amazing! I don't usually like coffee but I loved this one! It's served in super tiny cups because it's really strong! Later Thursday night me and my family went out for dinner at a pizza restaurant in Torino. The pizza was amazing, sooo much better than American pizza! It's thinner and there's a lot less grease and more cheese and the crust is delicious ahhh it's just 1000x better! I'm going to get so fat! ): lol it was a really nice night, my host family is so much fun! We still mostly only speak in English because my Italian is awful.. but I think (hope) that I'm learning!

Italian coffee <3 mmmm
A street in Torino (:

The court where my host dad works at! 
Pizza dinner in Torino!
yummmy (:
Tiramisu before & after 
Pizza with anchioves
Oh yeah cause I can totally understand this.. not..

FRIDAY: I went to school only from 8 to 12 again! I'm still in the 2nd year class with 14/15 year olds :/ They're nice! but I kind of want to be with people my age! I think I'm moving into a 3rd year class next week lol anyway afterschool I took a nap and then my older host sister, Federica came home from college in Milan. We talked for a while (in english lol) and she helped me put post it notes on all the stuff in my room, like there's a sticky that says "sedia" on my chair. haha my aunt elena walked in and said i must have alzhiermers disease cause i don't remember what anything is! lolol then me, my mama, Federica and her boyfriend Andrea went to Rivoli and did some shopping around while waiting for my friends to meet me! I feel like everyone knows everyone in Rivoli, my host moms cousin owns a store so we stopped by and said hi to them and then we ran into one of my host moms friends lol it's so funny! Anyway, my friends from school met me in the piazza and we all walked to a pizza restaurant together! It was SO GOOD <3 I seriously cannot get enough of Italian pizza!!! I love Italian teenagers, everyones so open-minded and they don't judge each other like in America. Everyone has their own personal unique style and they are just able to be themselves without any judgement from their friends. Oh but their taste in music is soo weird... whenever an Italian asks me what music I like, I always say Justin Bieber and One Direction. Legit every single time I say that, the Italian tells me to leave the room. They're kidding of course (I think soo...) hahhaha Italians HATE Justin Bieber! It's so weird ): Everyone listens to old American music like Metallica, Led Zepplin, Pearl Jam and like punk rock the Killers and Vampire Weekend. lol also at the restaurant one of my friends, he's either 14 or 15, ordered a beer and it was completely normal, the waiter didn't bat an eyelash. I told him about how American's can't drink until their 21 and he said that's so stupid, he said it's not like he's going to get drunk from one beer. haha he's right! lol anyway, after pizza we walked through the streets of Rivoli and got frozen yogurt! I never know what to order since the menus in Italian so I just asked one of my friends to order me the same thing she got, and she paid for my yogurt too! It was so sweet, Italians are the friendliest nicest loudest people, she wouldn't take my money! haha we walked to the "castle" in Rivoli, it used to be a castle but now it's an art museum! There's a great view of Rivoli and Torino from the castle because it's at the top of a mountain! We walked back to the center of Rivoli to watch sometime of show in the city center. I don't really know what it was exactly.. it seemed like a talent show to me or something! There was a stage and lots of people went up with different acts. There was ballroom dancing, singing, hip hop dancing, comedians and african dancing. It was pretty cool! That was the end of the night, then I went home!

The view out of the window next to me at school <3
Piazza Martiri in Rivoli (: 
Italian shoes <333
Some expensive Italian shoes that are really in style I guess
Pizza restaurant in Rivoli with friends from school (:
Nuovo Italiano amici (: 
One of the performances from the show in the square, African dancing

SATURDAY: Normally I have to go to school on Saturdays but this week my tutor at school let me skip!!! Yipeeeeeeee! (: I woke up at around 9:30 and went on my first ever motocycle ride with my host dad! Holy crap it was soooo cool, at first I was pretty scared and I kind of thought I was going to die a few times but it was awesome! I love feeling the wind and going super fast and passing a bunch of cars! It's sweeeeet (: Anyway we rode into Rivoli to get me a phone, then we came home. I've been wanting to go running forever and that morning I got my host dad and little sister Nini to go with me! They rode their bikes and I ran next to them. Surprisingly I had a really good run! I don't know how far I went but I ran for about 45 minutes (: Yayayyyy I'm not going to get fat, I hope! Later me, Nini, Federica and her boyfriend went out shopping for a present for one of Federica's friends. It was fun! Some of my friends from school invited me to go to a disco, basically just the Italian version of a club, that night but Federica said that you have to be 16 to get in so I couldn't go. One more month until I'm 16 and can party! Anyway, instead of going to the disco I went out to Torino with Federica and her friends. It took us foreverrrrr to find the restaurant, I thought it was pretty funny because we were so lost. The restaurant was a buffet with so much good food, I ate a ton! Federica's friends were so nice!! They all go to different colleges in Turin but used to all go to high school together. When they first met me they all said their English was horrible but actually their English was really good! It was easy talking to them and I had so much fun! One of her friends was trying to teach me Italian and all the body part and clothing words! After dinner we walked around Turin and they showed me some of the piazza's. Oh my god, Turin is beautiful! I loveee it. Piazza Castello and Piazza Vittorio Veneto were stunning. I'm so lucky to be living here for the next 10 months <3 Since it was Saturday night the streets were packed. It was insane, there were crowds of people everywhere spilling out of bars and clubs. I stopped and got some chocolate gelato too mmm it was good! Oh and there was some Italian comedian named Mago Forest that walked by us and everyone freaked out! I have absolutely no clue who he was but they all wanted to get a picture with him but they didn't want to ask! So I just went over to him and asked in English if we could please get a picture! hahaha it was a really fun night, we didn't get home until like 1 in the morning because there was so much traffic!

The famous Italian comedian called Mago Forest!
Torino <3
So much fun!! (:
Ahhhh Turin is gorgeoussss

SUNDAY: Today there was an AFS party for everyone in our local chapter at one of the volunteer's house! I got up and Federica helped me make an apple pie to bring to the party! It was fun! I rode with my host dad on his motorcycle again and we got lost on the way there.. haha the party was nice there was a bunch of yummy desserts! There was a guy who actually went to Ohio a few years ago as an exchange student and he lived in between Cleveland and Columbus which is close to where I live! Also I found out that we start our Italian lessons in Turin on Tuesday! yayayyyy that's good because I really need to start learning Italian... :/ Oh and I got to talk to all the other exchange students in my area, they're all so nice! Me, Sanni a girl from Finland and Blue a boy from Thailand made plans to go shopping tomorrow afternoon in Rivoli! I need to get heels to wear for going out and I want new Italian clothes because I don't feel stylish compared to Italians at alll! Oh I don't have any school tomorrow!!!!!! (: yayayyyy it's a holiday in Rivoli for some saint or something, I'm the only one in my family that doesn't have to go to school or work! hahahahaaaa (; I didn't take any pictures today but I'm going to try and get one of the motorcycle soon! haha well that's all for now! Buona notte, goodnight I'm going to bed!


  1. Ehi (:
    i found your blog , i'm an italian exchange student in USA , Arkansas !
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    have a good week , Stefano

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