Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Primo giorna di scuola!

Oggi era primo giorna di scuola! Today was my first day of school! But before I start with my school day, I'll fill you in on what's happened in the past few days, well Monday night we filled out a bunch of paperwork for me to get my permit and watched Miss Italia. It was nice chatting with my host parents (: Yesterday I slept until noon hehe then my host mom and I went and got my permit then I got some gelato. Mi piace fragola e cioccolato gelato moltissimo! I like strawberry and chocolate gelato alot! We did some other running around but I forgot what exactly.. lol

Strawberry and chocolate gelato (:

The streets are soooo narrow here!

Last night was kind of tough ): I wanted to go to sleep early so I was well rested for my first day of school but I ended up staying awake until about 1 am. It's just hard because I'm reading all these other exchange students blogs and they're talking about going out every night with a host sibling that's their age. Everyone seems to be in big cities or by a beach and already made a bunch of friends. I just feel so lonely. I love my host family but I don't have any friends yet and my city is super tiny ): I know I have to be grateful for what I have and stop complaining because I'm so lucky but it's hard. Plus I'm having alot of trouble with Italian ): I really don't feel like I'm learning anything at all! I know it's only been a few days but I just feel like the stupid quiet American. I want to be able to be myself but it's hard when I can't even speak the language. Alright I need to shut up now and stop being so depressing lol

My home for the next 10 months <3

Anyway, I got up at about 7 this morning for school then my host aunt Elena drove me and my host cousin Alberto to school, he's a year younger than me. She dropped us off and Alberto took me inside we were looking for my tutor but couldn't find her anywhere! The school is really big, I'm pretty sure it's 4 floors or maybe 3, I forget. All the students look so much older than me because they're so stylish and everyone smokes! It was kind of overwhelming, there was such a huge crowd outside and in the school. My aunt Elena came back to the school to wait with me for the teacher so I wasn't a loner, she also introduced me to a group of girls my age, Elena if you're reading this, thank you so much! <3 The group of girls were so sweet, they did their best to speak English with me. I don't remember their names because I'm horrible with names ): Well then my tutor showed up and took me and the other exchange student Jose, he's 17 and from Bolivia, to the teachers lounge. Jose is already pretty much fluent in Italian because he's a native Spanish speaker. It's so not fair! ): Plus it makes me look like such an idiot since I don't know anything! Our tutor said that for the next 10 days we're just going to try out different classes to see what we like then we'll make our final schedules. Oh and I have daily homework.. whooooo... during classes I have to write down 10 words that I hear then go home and write 10 sentences. I reallyyy hope this helps me learn! We got a tour of the school, the bathrooms are just holes in the ground it's so weird.. I thought that was only in Asia... lol and our tutor told us that students aren't allowed to smoke inside the school and only the ones 18 or older can smoke outside. But she said lots and lots of kids younger than 18 smoke and no one really cares. It's just so weird and different to America!

My outfit for the first day of school!

Me and Jose, the exchange student from Brazil, on our first day of scuola!

Classes are each 50 minutes or about an hour long, so we had 4 class periods today. Italian high schools have 5 years of high school. I spent the first 2 class periods with my tutor then the second two with a 2nd year class. The students were 14 and 15 I'm pretty sure! I'll probably move up to a 3rd year class but I was with the 2nd year one for today because they were learning English. It was so cool, helping everyone with their English. haha I had to talk slowly about my normal day in the USA and everyone wrote down what I said, then I walked around and answered any questions the students had. I love all the Italian kids, they're so friendly! One girl asked me if I went to Harry Potter world in Orlando and when I said yes she jumped out of her seat! In Italy, the students don't switch classes, the teachers switch classrooms. So next we had Physics, ugh I had no clue what the teacher was saying and it seemed really hard ): but the girl I was sitting next to wrote down the translations for all the swear words in Italian. hahahaha (: Once school was over I found Alberto and Elena took us home! I went into my house to drop my stuff off then I was going to go over Elena & Alberto's for lunch but I'm an idiot and couldn't figure out how to unlock the door to let myself out. I've been having lots of problems with the locks here, they use super old-fashioned keys! So I called Alberto and he came and helped me, he probably thinks I'm a total moron now... lol we had lunch and then my host mom got home from work and me and her went out to run some errands. She got her hair done and I waited and got my homework done, then we went to the grocery store, then picked up Nini from tennis, then Nini got her school books, then we picked up some super yummy Italian cookies and pastries from the pasticceria and came home. I'm excited but also still nervous for my second day of school tomorrow! ahhhh! Wish me luck! Buona notte! (:

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